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Press Statement by Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) On Deeping Crisis in Sidama, as Well in Ethiopia with Further Regional Repercussions.

February 21, 2021

Ethiopia Is on Perilous Avenue!

IT has been over two years since Ethiopia’s political  movement brought down the EPRDF leadership  exposing extra judiciary killings, abusees of nationalities right and impoverished of the nation.  This change has allowed the same EPRDF’s cadres within to grab power by overthrowing their own EPRDF historically dominated by TPLF. The later usurpers promised hundred per cent political reform and vowed to bring about the total shift of political paradigm in Ethiopia.

Sadly, the promises are only short lived when the regime becomes the worst authoritarian and unitary system restorer than all its recent predecessors. The hopes and dreams of over 115 million subjects who were enthusiastic and exuberant have shattered. The vicious cycles of injustice and brutality has continued in its worst form.  

This followed by extreme political turmoil further resulting:

- The unfolding tragedies in the country coupled with the assassinations of dozens of high profile political, military and  professional figures; the unlawful incarcerations of thousands of mainly Oromo’s , Sidamas, prominent politicians with some notable politicians of the other nations; indeed, the country is descending into chaotic eventualities with a wider detrimental regional consequence.

- War crimes and crimes against humanities committed in Tigray, Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz generally

While observing such atrocities we sidamas experienced similar atrocities by Abiy regime. The sidama nation Liberation Front , has bitterly fought for self-rule and scarified precious lives of its sons and daughters until as recently as June 2018 and July 2019 when Abiy’s regime has executed over 67 and 174 Sidama civilians in broad day light by imprisoning further over 5,000 civilians during the consecutive 24 hours following the execution of civilians on later stage. About 300 of the prisoners remain to this date incarcerated. Though,  Sidama nation  push  for a regional self-rule won 98%  yes through referendum.  The attempt of Abiy’s regime to stop the Sidama nation from its stride toward statehood has repeatedly failed.   Abiy ‘s authoritarian regime put his regime’s anti-Sidama plan-B project in place. These included, removing all pro-Sidama politicians (who led the struggle) from power to replace them with the handpicked, obedient cadres known for their anti-Sidama sentiment. These were installed following the establishment of the new Sidama National Regional State (SNRS) so that they can do unionist’s heinous job in Sidama land that is actively ongoing. Secondly, disabling and hijacking all pro-Sidama nation civic groups abroad such as Sidama Diaspora Association currently serving the interests of Abiy’s Sidama cadres; Sidama Media Network that has been initially established by the Sidama community in diaspora including politicians and intellectuals currently has been taken by Abiy’s Sidama cadres. Thirdly, the symbol of the Sidama’s national resistance movement, Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM) has been systematically disabled and then dismantled since the establishment of SNRS as Abiy’s Sidama cadres bribed SLM’s entire leadership who all have disowned the national oath of the organization. For this national cause between 25,000 and 30,000 civilians sacrificed their precious lives between late 1970s and early 1980s. The SLM’s corrupt leadership have reduced their moral level to the equivalent or worst positions to Abiy’s corrupt Sidama cadres. The Sidama nation believes it revives the national cause of the SLM in the near future.

Fourthly, SNRS dismantling process is underway although the region has been nominally declared. The regional structures are not established apart from following on unionist PP/EZEMA envisioned District (Woreda) structures as per their political plan (road map given by G7). The Sidama’s Abiy installed corrupt cadres and their egocentric, self-benefit blinded, and short sighted domestic and Diaspora followers are all in unison facilitating Sidama disintegrating and disabling PP/EZEMA project to be effective in Sidama land.   The indicated and the rest Sidama dismantling projects have also involved Sidama Ejjeetto who have previously positively participated during the Sidama’s quest for a regional statehood. At the moment these Ejjeettos are trading with the bloods of Sidama freedom fighters in collaboration with SLM’s fallen quislings.  

In the midst of unfolding national disaster, instability, mayhem, and deepening crisis; EZEMA and PP with the rest of unionist blocs are preparing for so called a shame national election. The former G7, the current EZEMA with PP are declaring that they are prepared for the election in the faces of calamitous situation in the country occupied by foreign forces therefore on the verge collapse. We believe that the indicated preparation of the unionist blocs is reckless and illegal action that must be unconditionally stopped. In the country where several millions are displaced and depending on food aid, conventional war is active, hundreds of key opposition political figures are thrown into various prison cells  in Sidama, Oromia, Benishangul, Somali region and Addis Ababa and thousands in Tigray.

Cognizant of the seriousness of the situations in the entire country, the SNLF therefore urges the regime-

1. To unconditionally  prepare the way of states formation of transition government.

2. To unconditionally release all Sidama, Oromo, Tegaru, Ogadenians,  Benishangul  and the other nations political prisoners.

3.  Allow the Oromo prisoners on hunger strike to urgent medical assistance.

4. To unconditionally stop War in Tigray, remove all foreign troops from Tigray, stop ethnic profiling and targeting Tegaru and unconditionally allow humanitarian access to a war torn and decimated Tigray regional state.

5. We demand  independent inquire in all killings during the last 3 years throughout the country including massacre in Sidama following delayed referendum on formation of Sidama regional state. It is pure ignorance to think about election in the current situation of the country.

6. So, we demand  unconditionally call for all-inclusive transitional government after which a national dialogue and consensus could be reached to be able to agree on the future direction of the country.

May Justice Prevail

The SNLF, February 21 2021