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The Emblem of the Sidama National Struggle, ‘SLM’ Shall Not Be Sold by Few Traitors Who Sold Their Dignity for Selfish and Reckless Personal Gain

Press Release By The Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF) On SLM’s Forging Of Unholy Alliance With The Unionist Party (PP) That Is Pushing The Empire Into Chaos! 

March 29. 2020

The Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM) has been part and parcel of the Sidama national struggle since the Sidama nation become the subject of colonial occupation in 1880s. It is a continuation of over a century old Sidama resistance movement. Since late 1880s, prominent Sidama heroes have informally led the Sidama’s resistances since the nation had fallen under the colonial yoke of Amhara king, Minelik II during the era of scramble for Africa following Berlin’s conference. The heroes of the nation have sporadically waged guerrilla war on occupying forces as they seek freedom and equality. This over century old struggle for justice and equality was modernised during the early period of Derg’s regime when it has been renamed as SLM after mid-1970s.

The modernised SLM’s army was trained and armed in Somalia- supported by then Somalia leader who has shown fraternal solidarity to Sidama, Oromo, Ogaden Somali, TPLF and the other resistance movements fighting for freedom and justice in Ethiopia. Thousands of Sidama men who have travelled thousands of miles to Somalia and back to Sidama land have paid ultimate sacrifices of their precious lives for the Sidama cause. There was no household in Sidama land untouched with the struggle and sacrifices when between 25,000 and 30, 000 Sidama civilians and freedom fighters were martyred between late-1970s and mid-1980s. The SLM therefore became the emblem of the Sidama struggle demonstrating the nation’s determination that the nation will to do what it takes to achieve its rights.

The SLM leadership were also part and parcels of the transitional government following the demise of Derg’s regime in mid-1991; the regime the Sidama nation fought against. For the first time in empire’s history since its creation in 1880s; it has been asserted in 1991 by all stakeholders that; nations’ rights to self-rule is a genuine and workable political settlement that stiches together a multi-diverse and multi-ethnic Ethiopia. The SLM and the Sidama people expected this to materialise although it has soon became evident that, these promises were left on a paper only. Besides, the Sidama continued its struggle and the SLM also thrived as a political and moral leader of national resistance despite challenges it has been subjected to. No one was able to dismantle SLM- even during EPRDF’s repressive era. It has survived all.        

It was the current barbaric unionist regime with poisonous unionist agenda is attempting to totally eliminate the Sidama national emblem. The current regime and its Sidama agents recently bribed SLM’s reckless leaders who have volunteered to enslave themselves primarily and the nation generally by submitting to the agenda of unionists. The above is the ideology and the system genuine SLM has been created to fight against. We believe doing so is moral and ideological decadence that must be unconditionally renounced by the Sidama nation.

Unfortunately, these Sidama quislings are the losers as they cannot remove the SLM from the hearts and souls of the Sidama nation. SLM is the embodiment of the nation. Therefore, the current traitors who have submitted to the unionists’ agenda as they beg the oppressors for the plots of land from their own soil never succeed in achieving the objective of our national enemies although they triumph temporarily. We know that the Ethiopia’s government has deliberately planned anti-Sidama project; therefore masterminded the dismantling of the Sidama’s half century old SLM. Besides, the nation shall revamp its structure to renew the vows of over 25,000 Sidama people who have selflessly but heroically sacrificed for the national cause under the indicated emblem.  

Thus, we, the SNLF leadership and members strongly condemn reckless and immoral action of the SLM’s leadership who have submitted to slavery; and urge them to return to the pinnacle of the SLM’s original morality by officially denouncing unionist PP. We also urge the Sidama people of all walks of life - to join us in unconditionally condemning and denouncing the indicated Sidama traitors by urging them to stop their cooperation with PP and their Sidama puppets who are all ready to reverse the little gain thus far achieved to impose on our nation endless misery and slavery.

We also urge the regime waging war on Tigray, Oromia Benshangul Gumuz, Kemant, Agaw and everywhere in Ethiopia to unconditionally stop; remove all foreign (Eritrean) fighters from Tigray and unconditionally prepare platform for all-inclusive national dialogue and transitional arrangement. We also urge the Amhara’s aggressors waging war in the indicated regions and zones to unconditionally desist from pushing forward with their unworkable agenda of colonial expansion.

We call upon all nations and peoples in Ethiopia to join us in condemning the ongoing brutality to women, children and the weakest groups of society in Tigray, Oromia, Wolo (Oromia zone), Benshangul and Gumuz where rapping of women is rampant. We urge the regime to stop its reckless barbarism in the indicated regions instead resorting to all-inclusive dialogue and national consensus. The current planned election after ensuring the imprisonment of high profile Oromo politicians; in the face of instability and rampaging Covid-19 pandemic is nothing but sham that must immediately stopped. Otherwise, the consequences will be severe and far reaching.

Finally, we urge the regime to unconditionally release all Sidama, Oromo and the other nations’ political prisoners and allow peaceful negotiation to resolve the current deepening crisis the country is collectively facing.

Justice shall prevail on Behalf of the Victims!

Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF)

March 29, 2021