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Ethiopian Destruction of communities along the Somalia Border
ONLF Press Release
May 31, 2015

Sidama, Oromo and Ogaden

The Special killing squads of the Ethiopian Regional Administration in Ogaden called the Liyu police, which is funded, trained and armed by the Ethiopian government has committed genocide in the villages near Shilaabo district of Ogaden along the Somali border, killing hundreds of civilians and burning several villages. Among the dead are more than 50 women, children and the elderly, who were wantonly cut into pieces. The epicentres of these massacres were the villages of Lababaar, Xaadh Xaadh, Xindhowreed, and other villages towards the Barmagoog and the Somali border near the Gal-Mudug region. The killings started on the May 26 and are still on going. Read the full text here...

Ogaden National Liberation Front, Oromo Liberation Front and Sidama Liberation Front Alliance for Peace, Democracy and the right of Choice
Joint Statement regarding the Fake Election in Ethiopia
May 25, 2015

Sidama, Oromo and Ogaden

The Ogaden National Liberation Front, The Oromo Liberation Front and the Sidama Liberation Front categorically state that the so called elections held in Ethiopia on May 24, 2015, was not an expression of the democratic will of the all the peoples in Ethiopia. All Nations in Ethiopia were bullied and coerced into participating and electing specially selected candidates from the ruling party- EPRDF. Furthermore, in order to ensure that no “rogue voter” chose to disobey the ruling party edicts, the regime made sure that party operatives solely controlled the polling stations in all regional states, such as Ogaden, Oromia, Sidama and other rural communities. Read the full text here...

13 year Anniversary of Looqqe Massacre of 2002 is remembered across the globe by Sidamas and peace loving international community
May 24, 2015

Looqqe Demonstration

On May 24, 2002, the EPRDF\TPLF rapid response army without provocation slaughtered unarmed and peacefully demonstrating Sidama civilians in Looqqe village, a few kilometers from Hawassa town. Lives of many innocent Sidamas cut short with heart breaking cruelty. Even though a decade has passed, pain and misery are still fresh not only for victims’ families but for the whole sidama public. Read the full text here...

The EU parliament members, SLF and other Ethiopian opposition leaders held a conference on upcoming Ethiopian election


On April 23, 2015, members of EU parliament and Ethiopian opposition leaders including SLF have convened a high level conference entitled ‘Cartoon Democracy - Authoritarian Rule and Election’ at the European Parliament in Brussels. The vice chairman of SLF, Betana Hamano, has made a speech by analyzing past and current political climate in Ethiopia generally and in Sidama particularly that is leading to the upcoming election. Read the full text here...

The Sidama Owned Small Businesses on Fire in Hawassa
Press Statement by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice
February 24, 2014

It’s with deepest sadness that the United Sidama Parities for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ) express its hear felt condolences for the Sidama small scale business owners in Hawassa city New market place ‘ Addis Gebeya’ for loss of lives and property. The source of the fire has not yet been confirmed.

The incident took place on 21 February 2015 at 7 pm local time. The Fire has been left on to burn for over 2 hours. The Sidama business community who have set up these new businesses in this particular place over a decade ago had registered their plots of lands as they have been pushed away far from the city centre to give room for investors from other parts of the country.
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SIDAMA LIBERATION FRONT Stance on the Upcoming Election in Ethiopia
February, 2015

In countries, like Ethiopia where the deceased cast ballots from the grave and TPLF members can register fake names all over the voting centers across the country, it is astonishing why people even bother to vote? Why people waste their times and resources to cast their votes that will disappear into thin air at the end of voting day? The only outcome of Ethiopian election is publicity for the regime as if there is legitimate of election process, while the reality is harassment, arrest, poisoning, and even murdering opposition candidates and members.
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HRW Accuses Ethiopia of Journalist Crackdown Ahead of Elections
January 22, 2015

A new report by Human Rights Watch accuses the Ethiopia's government of systematically cracking down on media ahead of the May 2015 elections. The report, released Thursday, details how Ethiopia has restricted independent reporting since 2010. Researcher Felix Horne says there are patterns of government abuses against independent journalists.

“After articles are written, harassment comes from government officials, security officials and cadres in the form of threatening phone calls and SMS messages [text messages] and in person visits trying to get the individual to tone down the writings to comply with government perspectives on different issues," Horne notes. "The next level is threats and harassment against family members, quite often arbitrary detention to intimidate and to pressure the journalist into censoring their writings. If that doesn’t work, the next step seems to involve criminal charges.”
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Badesa Fokora, a Sidama man dies over no treatment rule in South Africa
By Lawyers for Human Rights
November 24, 2014

Ethiopian refugee Badesa Fokora has died in a Johannesburg hospital after suffering double kidney failure and being refused treatment for it, despite the fact that he had been lying in a hospital bed for a month. Although doctors at Helen Joseph Hospital in Johannesburg were aware of his life-threatening condition, they refused him treatment on the basis that he was not a South Africa citizen.

Fokora was told that as a non-South African, he did not qualify for a place on the hospital’s chronic renal treatment programme, which involves dialysis and an organ transplant. The hospital refused to treat him even after Fokora’s family said that they would contribute to the costs of the treatment.
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Press Release by Gambella Nilotes United Movement
October 24, 2014

Gambella Nilotes United Movement (GNUM) strongly condemns the Ethiopian government’s ethnic cleansing plans and act by creating conflict between highlanders and the indigenous people of Gambella. The massacre of Mezenger tribe since September 11/2014 is increasingly spreading to all villages of Godere zone by criminal and illegal highlanders supported by EPRDF national defence forces. Along the border between Gurafarda District (SNNPR of Ethiopia) and Godere District of Gambella all Mezenger villages were destroyed by Ethiopian National Defence following the campaign of the government to eliminate all Mezenger people from their ancestral land.
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Instigating violence between the two cousins never stops us from marching to our goal
Joint Press Statement by Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) & Sidama Liberation Front (SLF)
July 19, 2014

Time and again we all have witnessed the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) led dictatorial regime of Ethiopia deliberately masterminding various forms of atrocities in order to remain in power. The regime uses its organized agents to deliberately instigate violence between the various oppressed nations in the country. Although the ‘divide-and-rule’ tactics have been adopted by all oppressive rulers all over the globe, the tactics of the current regime in Ethiopia differ in one key aspect. They are aimed at driving a wedge between the most closely related peoples and communities. The regime has done this between the two Kush cousins, the Oromo and the Sidama people time and again seriously undermining their basic human dignities and democratic rights.

The Oromo and the Sidama people are culturally, ethno-linguistically, socially, geo-politically & morally intertwined nations. The two largest Kush cousins also share similar ancestral origins and large expanse of territorial boundaries. The alliance between these two sisterly nations is founded on historical roots, therefore it is unshakable. Moreover, the Oromo and the Sidama nations are fundamentally democratic and egalitarianism societies and govern their respective nations by using their traditional democratic Gadaa and Luwa systems respectively. click here to read full press release content.

United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice(USPFJ) Press Release on 12th Anniversary of Looqqe Massacre!
May 25, 2014

Since 1890s, the Sidama nation has endured various massacres of unimaginable scales most of which had genocidal intents. Time and again, the civilians of the Sidama people as a nation were deliberately targeted and slaughtered by the successive northern led regimes for no apparent reasons, but for demanding their fundamental rights. The most worst and abhorring crime against humanity in recent memory among the others is the May 24, 2002’s massacre of Sidama civilians at Looqqe village.
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The Sidama Nation Marks 12th Anniversary of Loqqe Massacre
May 24, 2014

Twelve years ago today, the Sidama nation confronted one of darkest days in its long history. Lives ended instantly. Dreams were shattered. Friends and neighbors, farmers and teachers, students and business people, fathers and sons – they were taken from loved ones with heartbreaking cruelty by the current regime of Ethiopia.They simply woke up that fateful morning hoping to live another day of their lives.

In the time since, perpetuators have never been brought to justice. The regime showed that there is no word called 'Justice' in their vocabulary; the members of administration, who had ordered the killing, have been granted top positions in the administration that the regime could offer. To name a current few, Hailemariam Desalegn -Prime Minster, Shiferaw Shigute- Education Minster, Abadula Gemeda -Speaker of the House, Girma Birru - US Ambassador.

While the killers are rooming free in the streets of Sidama and other parts of Ethiopia, the Sidama people have endured hardship and gross human right violations. However, attempts that the regime waged to put Sidama people into submission have repeatedly failed. By now, the regime must have learned that, sidama nation does not give in to fear and it is matter of time the killers will no longer hide from the reach of justice.

Today for twelfth time, the Sidamas across the world marked the 12th anniversary of this black day of May 24 2002 Loqqe massacre. Commemoration ceremonies are held around the world in the cities like Washington DC, London and others big cities. More over, the nation at home has paid tributes to the victims of atrocity and vowed their ultimate sacrifices will never be in vain.

Indeed, they did not die in vain, their enduring sacrifice preserve freedom of Sidama people.

The Indiscriminate Killings of Oromo University Students and Other Civilians by Ethiopian Security Forces is Deplorable!
Press Release by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ)
May 7, 2014

It has been confirmed that the Ethiopian regime’s security forces have indiscriminately massacred over 50 unarmed Oromo University students who were all peacefully demonstrating against the plan of the regime to uproot Oromo peasants from the outskirts of Finfine/Addis Ababa. The casualties were said to have included children of age 6 and the elderly who were marching against the proposed plan. Over 250 Oromo youth and other civilians were seriously injured during the shootings which is said to be continuing sporadically as we speak. More than 2000 Oromo University students and other members of the Oromo nation were unlawfully detained.
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SLF Statement on the Death of Meles Zenawi

August 22 2012-The 21 years of Meles Zenawi’s rule were continuation of brutalization and suffering of Sidamas people that have even worsened during his iron-fisted rule.

Now, Meles is gone, but the system he championed has continued preying on Sidama innocents. Even, as he was fighting for his life at undisclosed location, hundreds of Sidamas were unlawfully arrested and thrown into jails. The army that was deployed throughout the Sidama has continued intimidation and terrorizing Sidama people. The former president of South Nation Nationalities and People Regional Government and possible successor of Meles Zenawi, Hailemariam Desalegn, is the main architect of Loqqe massacre, one of worst atrocities ever committed on sidama soil. He is also behind ill-devised policies that targeted Sidama for past 10 years.

The demise of Meles Zenawi may open window of opportunity to end the suffering of people in Ethiopia if the ruling party were to stop pursuing the same failed policy of past that has climaxed intolerable level to Sidama people. Sidama people want move forward leaving dark days behind and won't accept any regime any more that will not learn from history.

SLF calls upon peace loving organizations, individuals and civic society of Ethiopia to work hand in hand to finish off the last remaining tyranny in Ethiopia. We also call upon international community to support true democracy rather than rushing to maintain status quo for short term-gain at cost of 80 million Ethiopians.

Victory to Sidama People!
SLF, AUGUST 22, 2012

Urgent Message from United Sidama Parties for Justice and Freedom (USPJF) to all Sidamas living in Sidama-land as Well as in the Diaspora

August 20 2012-We, the Sidama people, have never gone beyond our boundaries to cause trouble to anyone. We have lived with our neighbors peacefully and harmoniously for centuries. However, others have arrived at our door-step time and time again and tried to subdue the will of our people. Starting from Minelik II, who invaded Sidama-land with help of aid weapons acquired from Europe and forcefully annexed into the larger empire of Ethiopia, to TPLF’s decayed and fading regime, our people have endured socio-cultural, economic and political repressions. However, there was no time that Sidama people bowed and accepted injustices on its own soil. Among the repressors, Sidama people found that the TPLF/EPRDF regime is by far worse off its predecessors.
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The Ethiopian Government Intensifies Human Rights Violations by Arresting Innocent Sidama Civilians Following the Fiche Celebration

August 17 2012 - Situation in Sidama continues to worsen as the EPRDF/TPLF regime intensifies the arrest of innocent Sidama people. The latest wave of arrest that included prominent Sidamas such as Duka'le Lamiso, Bekele Wayu, Abate Kimo and Zegeye Hamesso came following over 500,000 Sidama civilians gathered at Hawassa town as part of their New Year celebration and chanted that they deserve self administration right- the basic right that Sidama nation have been demanding for several years.

Over 100 innocent Sidamas involving university students, civil servants, and business people are also remained in jail since the beginning of popular uprising that has begun in early June this year in response to the Ethiopian government’s attempt to remove Sidamas from their ancestral land of Hawassa. Abductions and disappearances also widely reported.

Ethiopia’s court proceedings are seriously flawed and human rights violations of the detainees while under police custody are imminent. All detainees are part of 6 million Sidama people who want nothing but their basic rights are respected. There is no credible basis for promptly charging them.

The government of Ethiopia always violates human rights and indefinitely detains and torture innocent prisoners by shielding them from legal process. In most cases the government also forges the case and defaults to ant-terrorism proclamation when it runs out of bases for charge.

Challenges Ahead as Sidama Nation Marks New Year‐Fiche

August 14 2012-Today marks Fiche, the sidama new year, which has been celebrated by Sidama people for thousands of years. Fiche is major cultural event of the year for the sidama people. Sidama nation is one of few nations in the world to have developed its own calendar. As lunar calendar is used to determine exact date, the fiche changes from year to year. Tomorrow will be ‘Chambala’ day and series of celebration events will continue there after that lasts for about a month.

As it has done for past several years, Sidamas are celebrating this year’s Fiche in the midst of challenges that have been facing the nation. Among other things, Sidama people are denied fundamental rights by ruling EPRDF/TPLF party. Justice has not been served for the lives that were taken by the assassins of this brutal regime. Self administration that is granted to others is denied to Sidamas.
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Meles's Regime Persistently Violates Sidama People's Fundamental Rights

Press Release by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ)

Augest 2 2012-From the very beginning, Zenaw's TPLF/EPRDF regime remained persistently & systematically violating Sidama people's fundamental right to political, economic and socio-cultural freedom and liberty. The relative autonomy that is nominally granted to others Ethiopian nations and nationalities such as regional self administration remains conspicuously contentious in Sidama land since the regime assumed power militarily toppling Mengistu Hailmariam's military junta in June 1991.
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Declaration: The Peoples' Alliance for Freedom and Democracy

(OLF, ONLF, SLF and some candidates of AFD)

July 25 2012-The aforementioned peoples' alliances of Ogaden Somalis, Oromo, Sidama and the new candidates of AFD:
After deliberating on the current situation in Ethiopia and carefully observing the level of struggle against the current regime and the apparent confusion created by the sudden disappearance of Meles Zenawi, the "strong man" ruling Ethiopia for the past twenty one years;

Being apprehensive of the current regimes attempts to delude the peoples in Ethiopia regarding Zenawi's fate and their attempt to maintain the status quo in order to continue their ruthless suppression of all peoples in Ethiopia;

After considering, the current disarray and lack of political will of some opposition groups to embrace the political and social changes that Ethiopia has undergone in the last forty years and their archaic adherence to political precepts that are no longer tenable in the 21 century such as negating the rights of nations in Ethiopia to self-determination;

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United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ) Statement on Current Situation in Sidama

July 23 2012 (SLF)-Woyane, neglecting the narration it had played upon on its way to power, started hatching evil plans for Sidama people on the day they stepped into Addis Ababa palace. Their first plan was to get rid of prominent Sidama human rights defenders and likely opponents of their subsequent plans. For example, they recruited Ejigu G/Michael, an ethnic Tigre, born and raised in Sidama, who subsequently was given higher authority in Sidama and started implementing their agenda. He stealthily orchestrated series of murders including that of Fiissa Fichcho, a Sidama war veteran, and other prominent Sidamas. Woyane also bribed and was able to recruit few corrupt individuals to quash struggle of Sidama for freedom and justice, who then tried to turn in interests of Sidama people for personal gains.
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USPFJ press release regarding a scheme to displace sidama administration from Hawaassa town , June 10 2012.
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The Sidama People Press ahead with their Demand for Regional Self Administration

United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ) Press Release

June 30 2012 -After overthrowing the military regime on May 28, 1991, EPRDF adopted Proclamation No.7/1992‘[page6]’ that sought to devolve state power to territorially based ethno-linguistic groups with the aim of “ensuring” the right of nations, nationalities and peoples to self-determination and “ensure” the preservation of their language, culture and histories. The Proclamation established fourteen national/regional self-governments and identified the ethnic communities inhabiting each of the regions, with the exception of that of the capital city, Addis Ababa. The five of the fourteen national/regional self-governments included regions 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 comprising about 56 nations and nationalities that inhabit Southern Ethiopia today.Read the Full Statement...

The Oromo and Sidama Peoples' Historical and Neighbourly Relation Cannot Be Dented by the TPLF Plots

SLF and OLF Joint Press Release

June 29 2012 -The Tigrian Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) regime has relentlessly pursued the 'divide and rule' policy to prolong its grip on power. The regime has initiated conflict between different nations, nationalities and peoples at different times and places, since it came to power, causing destruction of thousands of lives and millions of dollars worth properties.

This anti peace and brutal regime, pursuant to its standing policy, has been engaged in overtly and covertly instigating conflict between the Oromo and the Sidama peoples. Accordingly it has managed to instigate conflict in the district of Riimaa Dhaadessaa between the Oromo people in Ajje sub-zone of Arsi Zone and the Sidama people in Hawasa subzone of Sidama Zone. Loss of lives and property has been reported due to this conflict initiated by the agents of the regime on both sides.

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Ethiopian Regime Resumes Another Massacre of Sidama People: 2 dead, 7 wounded

June 20 2012 (SLF)- While the Sidama people are remembering victims of Loqqe massacre on the 10th year anniversary, the regime has started another wave of killings of innocent Sidama people in Chuko area. The killing took place when students and other Sidama people were staging demonstration to demand answer about the plan to control Hawaasa city by the Federal government. According to our sources from the area, 2 people were reported dead; one a business person and the other is a farmer. Seven others were wounded. A teenage girl that critically wounded is being treated at Yirgalem hospital.

There is no denying that the Ethiopian regime always responds with brutal force to any peaceful quest instead of listening and understanding what people want. 10 years ago, over 100 Sidama people were massacred when peacefully demonstrating to request the government of their basic human rights.

The Ethiopian regime and its affiliates have already controlled most resources of Sidama while countless Sidama people are receiving food aid. Recently the regime started a plot to displace Sidama administration from Hawaasa city to systematically marginalize the Sidama people on its land and the people from all walks of life have been expressing their disappointment.

SLF: Statement on OLF's agreement  to resolve differences

The OLF’s announcement on September 27, 2010 that the party has agreed to resolve its internal differences is not only good news for Oromo people, but also for Sidama people and others regardless of their ethnic background who have no choice but suffer at hands of brutal TPLF regime.

TPLF knows well the historic position of OLF in guiding struggle for freedom and justice of all oppressed Ethiopians and hence the news is a big blow for dictatorial ruling regime. It is indeed regime’s wishes to see not only opposition parties divided, but also divisions and mistrust within millions of Ethiopian people, so that only few to continue doing as they please without slightest regard for the rule of law and human rights. For past two years, the regime is the only beneficiar as a result of the conflicts that arose within the OLF party. Indeed, the news shakes up TPLF camp but creates cheering at hearts of Ethiopian public at large.

SLF well understands that struggle for freedom is a road with full of bumps, it is a journey that requires serious of compromises and, at times accompanied by disappointments. But OLF also understand this and took the finest step to leave the past behind which is anticipated news for SLF. By so doing, OLF will have strong support of majority of Ethiopians to finish the journey.

It is our firm belief that OLF will emerge stronger than before and it will strengthen its promises for allegiance with other like minded organizations to bring the dictatorial regime to its knees sooner than later.

SLF also extends appreciation to all parties and individuals who are involved in this good work to be fruitful.

                                        Sidama Liberation Front, September 2010

SLF: Statement on the occasion of innocent Sidama’s Massacre in Hawassa eight years ago: The Commemoration of 24 May 2002 bloody Massacre.

Once again we honour our fallen innocent compatriot on the occasion of 8th anniversary Hawassa massacre. Those who committed this heinous crime may wish that Sidama people will forget such barbaric act, however, no right minded person will ever forgo such a gross crime against humanity until those who are responsible for it brought to court of justice and receive the punishment they deserve.This may take time, but rest assured that justice will be done. As Amharic saying goes ‘yewoga beresa yetwoga iyresam’ we will continue to press for full investigation to bring all perpetrators to Law Court. The Sidama people, in general and SLF in particular have heavy responsibility to shoulder to persecute those mass murders any time any where. We, Owe to our fallen brothers and sisters so that their sacrifices will not remain in vain.

The barbaric and murderous TPLF/EPRDF regime has committed huge number of similar atrocities all over the country. Just to mention a few, they have massacred innocent people in Gambelly (Anouk), Oromia, Somalia, and many other localities. SLF strongly condemns all inhumane actions of TPLF and its leaders whose hands are socket in innocent blood of all Ethiopians. Further more SLF will join hand with those national organizations to exert maximum pressure on crime ridden dictatorial TPLF regime and its affiliates to be brought to justice. WE also join in unison with those national parties to expose the criminal acts of TPLF and in lighten the international communities about the true nature of TPLF, and what they have been doing to our compatriots, since they took power in Ethiopia through a barrel of gun.

Finally, it is with great pride we salute our fallen innocent people on this 8th anniversary of their massacre.

Long live the Sidama Struggle, Victory will be ours.

Sidama Liberation Front.

24 May 2010

SLF: Statements on Upcoming National Election in Ethiopia

The TPLF regime of Ethiopia is disseminating its well versed propaganda machine about the further coming so called national election in May 2010. As every one is well aware this is not the first time the TPLF has conducted stage managed election since they took power in Ethiopia through the barrel of gun.

We are very aware how the Woyane regime wind hooked the international community in general and Ethiopian people in particular during 2005 election and rigged the result of those elections. If we are going to learn a lesson from the recent past of Woyane’s vicious treachery and arrogant lies the 2005 election was an excellent example to all Ethiopians and also to those international communities who believe in and support a genuine democracy everywhere.

The TPLF regime was created by Woyane and its policy is solely based on the old Albanian type communist philosophy. It is a fact that a tiger never shades away its true colour and the same truth holds for Woyane too.

Although once in a while when it fits their arrogant ambition they had tried to deceive national and international community by pretending that they would shade some of their ugly spots from their despicable skins. But TPLF is such a shameless outcast even their shade of lies would not convince anybody at all.

As a matter of fact the so called upcoming election is already predetermined and all those cadres who are hand picked know the result.

Just give one indisputable reason why this is so true is that Woyane’s regime has already banned genuine and prominent international observers coming into the country to witness their (TPLF) controlled election(selection) on site.

The main obstacles for free and fair election in Ethiopia are the so called Electoral Board, which solely appointed by TPLF regime and similarly appointed judiciary system that are stooges of their masters.

SLF would like to point out to all those who believe in true democracy that there are numerous reasons that are seriously hindering free and fair election in Ethiopia under TPLF regime. We would like to list just a few below:

The TPLF regime controls all aspect of life in Ethiopia. Their dreaded spies control every walk of life all over the country including tinny hamlets in towns and villages. That means no free democratic parties will dare to campaign against TPLF and its cohorts.

The TPLF regime controls all bureaucracy apparatus in the country, be it finance or telecommunications. The TPLF regime has all financial and communication muscles to subdue any opposition with limited resources.

They run all mass media in the country including printed media, television and radio. The total control of media gives them unassailable advantage to do or disseminate all kind of lies.

Without a real change in those above mentioned conditions in the country it will not be possible to conduct free and fair election. It is incumbent upon all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians to stand stead fast and campaign for free and fair election.

With relation to this, SLF would like also to convey a message to those parties who call themselves oppositions and who are hesitantly engaging in taking part in this sham election. We believe that your participation once again is delaying the freedom and human rights blossoming in the country (Ethiopia). Some of you have been calling yourselves opposition party in rubber stamp parliament of Woyane over eighteen years and others at least five or more, and what changes did you bring to your fellow country men? Even the little hand out you are given by TPLF regime has not improved your own individual well being. We believe that the time has come for you to rethink and withdraw from this sham election, if not history will judge you just like your masters the Woyanes.

Finally we would like to emphasis that participation in such election has no meaning except legitimatization the tyrannical rule of the Ethiopian regime.

Consequently, we advise our friends, supporters and others peace and democracy loving people in the country not to take part in this hideous election.

Sidama Liberation Front

24th January 2010