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About Sidama National Liberation Front

* The Sidama National Liberation Front is a political front struggling, among other things,  for Sidama people's national self-determination.

 * Until July 1999, the Front was known as the Sidama Liberation Movement. Read full Resolution.

* In July 1999, the National Council decided to change the name of  the organization from a Movement to Front.

* The Front works in alliance with political forces that aspire national self-determination for their people.

About SNLF Flag

Green: Symbolises fertility of Sidamaland with abundant food stuff, which is also known as by its nickname ‘ever-green’.

The land has rich fertile soil, water resources,vegetations, animalise and wildlife.

White: Stands for peaceful, innocent and pure life of the people. Sidama experience this in their religious practice

where holiness is the centre of it.

Red: Indicates blood shed. It is a reminder of the blood of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the well-being of the

Sidama people.

Blue: The triangular shaped blue at the right end of the flag, which touches the other three colours, is to symbolise the all integrated culture of the Sidama. And the seven stars in blue sky represent the traditional astronomy of the Sidama. Where the readers ‘Ayaanto’ observe (they say La’o) this collection of stars that is known as `Bussa', and then they analyse it, interpret and tell all events that would happen and how to divert if it causes bad omens.